Elena Evans - Adopted Amputee Full of Hope and Determination

February 07, 2023 Heather Kittelson Season 1 Episode 12
Elena Evans - Adopted Amputee Full of Hope and Determination
Show Notes

Elena Evans was born in Russia and later adopted by a family in Minnesota.

Elena was born with a rare medical condition which resulted in amputation of both of her feet at the tender age of four years old. Assured by her doctors that with the help of prostheses, she could be as active as any other child.

From the outside, it may seem as though Elena’s obstacles would consume her life. On the contrary; Elena rose in the face of adversity. Her energy and determination in life is contagious, and she likes to say her story is just being written.

Elena hopes to encourage others to live purposefully and share their abilities and passions, no matter the obstacle. She inspires those around her everyday and she continuously makes a lasting impact for Christ's Kingdom.
The Shiners have played a significant part in Elena's story - through surgeries, the healing process and fitting the right prosthetics. You can watch the whole story from this childhood video that was produced by the Shiners and this recent article.
Shriners video (2008):
Shriners article (2022):

She recently was the keynote speaker for an organization she is very actively involved in and extremely passionate about - Wiggle Your Toes!

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