Wendy Holbrook - Honoring the Memory of Tatum and Deidre

October 27, 2022 Heather Kittelson Season 1 Episode 6
Wendy Holbrook - Honoring the Memory of Tatum and Deidre
Show Notes

On October 28th, 2005 it was just like any other day. Wendy and her girls woke up, got ready for the day and after they all said "see ya later' and "I love you" - all three of them left the house. Wendy took the tar road in to town and Tatum (16 - junior) and Deidre (14 - freshman) took the gravel road towards school. 
Once Wendy got to town, she had passed an ambulance and heard the emergency sirens go off twice  - but little did she know - those sirens were headed to the scene of the double vehicular accident where her precious daughters had been killed on impact.

This tragic story is every parents worst nightmare. 
However - Wendy is continuing to share her story with us and to so many others to bring hope and light to the bereaved individuals going through similar grief. For the past 17 years Wendy has had many ups and downs but one thing that stays consistent and unwavering is her faith. She continues to heal, advocate and love on everyone she comes in contact with.

Wendy is married to her wonderful husband Jim and her oldest daughter Lindsey is married and has 3 kiddos.

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