Fortitude Introduction

September 29, 2022 Heather Kittelson Season 1 Episode 0
Fortitude Introduction
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Fortitude…I am your host Heather Kittelson! I am a small town girl from MN who bleeds love and admiration for others, especially those who have gone through really tough stuff and yet live today to tell their stories of hope and Fortitude.

This podcast is all about spotlighting individual stories of overcoming adversity and pain…one story at a time.

Our brave guests will be sharing their personal stories of addiction, lose of a child,  incarceration, abortion, suicide, human trafficking, war, gang affiliation, corporate corruption, divorce, sexual abuse, and disease. The list goes on and on people - adversity does not discriminate or show prejudice - we are all one body here to serve and love one another - especially through the really tough stuff. 

Stick with me and I promise you will find hope through the darkest of times because when you experience pain and adversity with Fortitude - that’s where healing begins.

On the very first episode - I will be sharing my personal story of over coming generational alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, divine intervention and what life can look like with whole lot of determination and grit. My hope for each listener is that God will spark something in your soul to take action - if not for yourself than for someone close to you that may be going through a tough season. 

There is no doubt that we are all in this together - its time we start acting like it!I am super exited to have you along for the ride - so…let’s do this thing!

Host: Heather Kittelson

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